THE COUNTERFEIT STONESThe Counterfeit Stones are the world's most successful tribute act to the Rolling Stones. Formed in 1991 they continue to tour the globe with their colourful rock 'n' roll show and their audience can range in number from thousands at an outdoor festival to hundreds in a theatre.
Radio 2’s Chris Evans said the Counterfeit Stones were the most exciting live band in the country and promptly booked them for his Carfest festivals in 2012.
The reason The Counterfeit Stones have remained so popular is that they are the perfect party band. They stick to playing the big danceable hits of the 60s and 70s? and with outrageous stage costumes to match, it proves to be everybody's hottest ticket.
Sir Mick Jagger has even referred to them as “the most famous Stones band in England” and having supported stars as diverse as Barry Manilow, Oasis and Tom Jones, it shows the wide appeal of this exciting band.

In September 2009 they supported Barry Manilow at the BBC Proms in Hyde Park ? the sell out crowd numbered 40,000.
2014 will be the 23rd anniversary of the band whose debut gig was at the Del Mar Grand Prix in California in October 1991. Since that time they have played in nearly every country in the world and have played to audiences with capacities of up to 65, 000.
Top BBC executives were fooled into thinking they were watching the real Rolling Stones at a Radio 1 D.J?s leaving party. The show was broadcast live on radio and the plug, made by the lead singer, for a gig in Putney resulted in gridlock in the area.
In a BBC online interview Sir Mick Jagger was asked which of his impersonators over 40 years, he considered the best ? he cited Nick Dagger (lead singer of the Counterfeit Stones).
In May 2005 they were invited to play on the deck of an American aircraft carrier in San Diego harbour. The audience comprised 6000 lawyers attending a conference on ?trade name protection? i.e. counterfeiting.
The Counterfeit Stones were the last band to play live at the Shepherds Bush Empire ? Bianca Jagger was in the audience.
The Counterfeit Stones have now played more live shows than the Rolling Stones.

? Four out of five stars? THE TIMES
? Better than the originals? THE GUARDIAN
?The most famous Stones band in England? SIR MICK JAGGER
?They brought back my youth? SIR TIM RICE
?They?re hilarious? JERRY HALL
?Your contribution was much remarked upon? BUCKINGHAM PALACE