Harriet!'HARRIET!' is a must-see. She is a unique 20-year-old, singer-songwriter from Derby who packs a punch! She has a very distinctive, characteristic yet innocent voice with with rock chick/smokey undertones and her original songs are sure to get your feet tapping!
Gigging since she was 14, Harriet's confidence is continuously growing and her live performances always hold so much passion. She never fails to form a great bond with the audience through her stage presence, songs and sometimes... her jokes.
She has many unique, catchy, heart-felt and comedic original songs that have stirred a lot of attention around the Midlands. She also has a wide range of well-known covers songs from artists such as Pink Floyd, Gnarles Barkley, Evanescence, Dolly Parton, White Stripes, Joni Mitchell, The Pretenders, Skunk Anansie, Johnny Cash and many more. 'Harriet!' has played at festivals such as Y Not Festival, Osfest, Maiwoche Festival in Germany, Exfest, Americana International, The Edinburgh Fringe and many more.
She has been played on multiple radio stations around the UK and America. She is also a BBC Introducing Artist on 'The Beat' and a regular visitor to BBC Radio Derby.