Honey Ryder

Honey RyderFormed by singer Lindsay O' Mahony and initially a duo, Honey Ryder self-released a debut album 'Rising Up' in 2009. A record with folk influences, 'Rising Up' received widespread critical acclaim and led to the band supporting Will Young on a 19 date theatre tour and Michael Bolton in UK arenas.

Now a Three-piece band, Honey Ryder released their second album, 'Marley's Chains', in 2012. They pride themselves on producing country and folk-fused pop songs; 'Marley's Chains', for instance, is a pop album with its feet in folk and country that sounds both classic and contemporary and fits to the current trend for a return to real music.?
“Mumford & Sons have broken the mould for folk music in Britain, but we’re not trying to sound like any other artists and I don’t think we do,” says Lindsay.? “We’re not trying to be groundbreaking or trendy.? We want to write classic songs that will stand the test of time and I hope that’s what we’ve achieved with this album.”