Mr. H

Mr. HMr "H" is a man on a mission a Poet,Balladeer and a cheat!!
Many years ago a strange being appeared on the planet earth,emerging through a mountain mist with greying beard,whiskey breath and stale cigar smoke,most people of the planet believed this being to have been born the age of 50 having never experienced childhood or young man syndrome.
Instantly the music flowed and words spoke from the lips of time,dark words from a dark world,from the dark side of life where hope is but a spark floating into space,where wisdom had been born from emptiness and not excess.
"Yesterday was a lonely place but I'm lonelier today" the first Mr H album,full of big acoustic chord strumming and words outline with grey nimbus,with hints of 60's sounds and a modern twist.
"Wasted and alone" an album where the electric guitar broke the waves of sound and acoustic ballads filled the space.Bars,prostitutes and hobos were the subject matter,no matter what the subject.
"Pale rider" the third release where the production broke big and strings caressed the structure of the songs,massive heartfelt tracks like Born without you and Angels in the universe,platformed Mr H's move to the upper levels of an ether driven mind set.
"Bourbon street blues EP" delved into Jazz/Blues with that man Nik Turner ex Hawkwind blowing and puffing his alto sax with malancholic vigour,steeling the spaces like a thief and where Mr H went all Sting on our souls,a beautiful work of art.
"Poets,balladeers and cheats" the rounded completion of where Bourbon street was heading,with a combination of studio and home recordings. Jazz/blues and mischievous folk music where music and lyrics have meant the earth has not yet died. Nik Turner and Steve tarner guest on soprano,alto and tenor saxophones.
The mists still linger and the grey bearded goose still pushes hard as he treads the mountains and valleys in search of his next creation.
Mr H is a man on a mission a Poet,Balladeer and a Cheat.....