RICHARD TAYLORI first picked up a guitar when I was 14, taken in by its acoustic drum like sound I began to find out more.
Guitar music I had heard, had only been strumming or electric guitar music, which looked so distant to me then (even owning one).
So I got some books and started to teach myself. I found a tape recording of John williams playing Bach and villa lobos preludes. I was captivated that one instrument made all that sound as it sounded like two guitars or more.
I soon found myself unguided and a bit lost but my dad took me to a guitar center to buy a new guitar that was when things changed for me. Steven Caswell owned the shop and was and is still an excellent player of classical guitar, a brilliant teacher he let me fly grade 1 to 8 in 3 years and a string of performances to my name, I was on my way.