Sons of CloggerOriginally, Sons of Clogger were David and Neil Owen. They played self-penned songs in traditional folk venues.
In Spring 2012 they were joined by fellow hairy arsed Stokies, Paul Brown and Richard Raizada. This was the catalyst for a change in direction to a full-blooded invigorating style of folk, infused with elements of punk, rock 'n' roll and theatrical in-yer-face shenanigans.
In the year of our lord 2013 Sons of Clogger got their arses down to the studio and recorded their debut album 'Through Blue and Gold'. The album, along with a string of live performances up and down the country lead to the boys being the only act to perform on all three days at the highly acclaimed Acoustic Festival of Britain. Described as one of the festival favourites, they are pleased to be returning this year. The lads rounded off a year of 57 live performances with their very own two-day festival CLOGGERFEST. A storming success, the 2014 event will have more acts, more beer and much more tomfoolery.