Here is a list of questions regarding the festival that we are frequently asked.

Is the 2021 event going ahead during  the virus situation ?

No, it’s been postponed until the weekend of 20th May 2022 due to government regulations.

We are concerned.  You see we are at the mercy of many  outsourced and scheduled  bodies. There are many artists , cancelling, event  catering and traders unable to trade. Emergency services being withdrawn and essential workforce withdrawing,  those are bad enough, add to that the racecourse, local authority, policing and safety and government bodies pulling at our  commitments !!!      We have the problem of over 70’s  grounded ! that is a number of prized and regular attendees not  available, ERM…  Lindisfarne and Charlie Harper !!   Its very difficult to  make ends meet for all walks of life at the moment, we are one such journey. We at the Festy Towers office are trying to salvage  the event, we will do as we did in the floods of 2007 and roll over to next year . Tickets still valid.  It’s more important to stay safe, than take a risk.

Can I bring my dog ?

Yes, but not into the event arena, or main camp site …..  From this year (2020) we will have a separate and dedicated area to camp and park, if you have a well behaved dog.

On the outside perimeter 100 metres from the event site.  It costs nothing to bring your dog and they cannot enter the event site. You can camp / park there  and toilets are  sited for your use.

Can I bring a picnic or drinks in?

NO Not into the event  – but you can bring limited food and drinks into the camping and perimeter areas, but strictly NO GLASS .

Is there a dedicated Disabled camping area?

Yes there is. It’s only 50 metres from the event gates and has toilets and easy access in and around the event.

Can I come and go out of the event?

Yes if you have your dedicated wristband, you can leave and enter at will, up to 11.30pm. The town centre of Uttoxeter is just 10 minutes walk away.

Can I camp or stay next to my friends ? Can I reserve a space?

It’s on a first come basis, we have plenty space though. The Electricity Hook-up spaces are dedicated ONLY  for people who have paid for a hook-up.

Campervans and Caravans to be based on the same FLAT accessable area,  ideally.

What time can I get in ?

Gates open at 10am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Early Thursday entry tickets can get in from 3pm .Gates shut at 12 midnight. All campers to leave by noon Monday.

Is it a long walk from car park to camping? Then 2 event ?

NO, very near you are able to park NEXT to your camping tent/ van. Its only 50 to 100  meters into the stage and craft areas.

Do I need wellys,  does it get wet or boggy? If it rains

NO, in fact  we have based ourselves here for that very reason, its a dry easily drained site. No puddles etc even if it should rain, its very quickly drained.

There are road / trackways circling the site for ease of access too. We have enough tentage to cover the customers from sun or rain.