Black Dog Molly

The fierce Morris team of musicians and dancers  will be performing as a workshop around the festival grounds.

Pizzalele Workshop

A Pizzalele? Yes, Thats right, You can make a ukulele out of a Pizza Box!!!
New for 2017, ‘El Gordeaux’ from Grey Goat Guitars creates yet another bonkers instrument to make, learn and play.

African Drum Workshop


Ukulele Workshop Treedrum is here to get you drumming with fabulous West African Drumming workshops.
Learn to drum all your cares away.
Great for stress relief!

Ukulele Workshop

Complete beginners to seasoned veterans.
Learn a new skill or refresh and polish and old one.
Ending with a LIVE performance on the Main Stage.


Cajon Workshop

An entire drum kit, in a box!
Rapidly growing in popularity, the Cajon is a super fun percussion instrument,
Very much a ‘Hands On’ Workshop.


Canjo Workshop

After a popular introduction in 2016,’El Gordeaux’ from Grey Goat Guitars returns with his Canjos
Literally made from a tin can, these 2 string, self build canjo’s are great “Just for Fun” or a great gift for the guitarist with everything.


Arts and Crafts

Cutty, Sticky, Colourful Fun for everyone.


Junk Instrument Workshop

These workshops will have you making and playing your own unique creations. All from the bits and bobs lying around…


Melodeon Workshop

Suitable for Adults and Children over 8 yrs old. A fun way to start your journey into music.


Dance Workshops

Join in with our fabulous Belly Dancers.
Or try your hands (and feet) with a bit of morris dancing.


Saxaflute Workshop

The Saxaflute is perfect for beginners and experienced musicians alike.
A wooden flute body and an Alto Sax mouthpiece producing the amazing sound of a real saxophone.
Easy to learn and fun to play, bound to be a popular addition in 2017.


Family Song Workshops

Come along, join in, sing away and don’t forget to join in with the actions.


Slide Guitar Workshop

Channel your inner Hobo Blues Musician on these unique, hand made, great fun instruments.
100% calorie free, THE most fun you can have with an empty biscuit container.


Guitar Workshops

Want to learn an elusive chord or polish that pentatonic?
Throughout the festival, several very talented guitarists will be offering the opportunity to improve your playing.


Solar and Sustainable Energy

Learn about renewable energy and ‘off the grid’ living
Harness the sun and the wind to produce genuine earth friendly power.
Featuring the Human Sundial and the amazing solar fire engine, Plenty to learn and do.


Poetry and Writing Workshops

An introduction to writing for the budding poet or author
Learn your how to weave a tale of intrigue or declare your eternal love in the form of a poem.